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Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

Tegen puistjes & onzuiverheden: tot 97% vermindering

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Tegen puistjes & onzuiverheden: tot 97% vermindering

Facial cleanser against pimples & impurities

The facial cleanser that tackles pimples and blackheads preventively. The result? La vie en rose with a healthy and fresh look! Also for a damaged skin barrier such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis sensitive skin.

  • Fewer pimples and restore skin barrier
  • Replaces day/night cream
  • Replaces cleanser (also for make-up)

3 in 1 Solutions

1. Anti pimples: 96% fewer white blackheads

2. Restores skin flora

3. Regulates dry/oily skin and smaller pores

Oy's ingredients

Face wash Oy Acne Prone Skin without perfume is a big jar of pure nature with 97% natural ingredients. Everything you need to prevent pimples from developing without drying out your skin.

  • Compound: oil in water formula - soap without soap
  • Ingredients: Glycerin, Squalane, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Sucrose Stearate, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Propylene Glycol, Linoleic Acid, Hydrogenated Sunflower Seed Oil, Octyldodecanol, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Octenidine HCl, Tocopherol, Linolenic Acid , Leptospermum Scoparium Branch/Leaf Oil, Sodium Surfactin, Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract, Piper Nigrum Seed Extract.
  • Free of: Soap, Alcohol, Parabens, Perfume, Silicones.


  • Also perfect for rosacea, eczema and psoriasis-prone skin
  • As a skin regulator suitable for all skin types
  • For teenagers and adults
  • Face wash without perfume and without alcohol
  • Free from parabens
  • Shelf life 12 months after opening
  • 50 ml content
  • Gel texture: gel to milk
  • Packaged in a recyclable jar
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How to use

Develop your routine in three quick steps? It's that easy.

  • No water required. Apply a drop of gel to your fingertips. Massage gently with circular movements.

    Our skin has a 'fat layer' and absorbs the active substances 100%.

  • To achieve the best result, it is good to let the gel work for at least a minute. You can let the gel work longer as a mask.

  • In combination with water, the gel becomes a wonderful cleansing milk. Don't forget your eye contours and eyelids because this face wash also removes leftover makeup.

    Rinse the gel or milk completely and pat your face dry.

    The gel hydrates the skin. An extra moisturizing or nourishing cream such as a day and night cream is therefore not necessary. Although it is allowed.

    Don't forget your extra sun protection when Madame Soleil is there.

Let our customers tell us why they are satisfied

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

After getting a sample I went to buy your Acne Prone Skin first and foremost today. And wow, I already have much less redness. And I actually feel really clean. I can feel my pores breathing, haha. Like I'm a fish with gills. Immediately shot out the rest of my skincare products (as they say in Halle). Am very pleased now. Thumbs up to the Oy geniuses, there in Bachten de Kupe 👍🌞

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

After my pregnancy I had a lot of rashes on my face and it got worse and worse. Switched to another line within the range that I use for the care of my face, to no avail. Now with Oy Face Wash for Acne after a few days the improvement is incredible, it's been a long time since my face has looked like this.
What you and your products do is indescribable, without it my life and my self image would be very different. A thousand thanks, I am an enthusiastic ambassador of Oy!!!

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

I am very satisfied with the Oy Acne Prone Skin! Pimples are much less and my skin is more even. Normally I use Epiduo, an aggressive gel with Benzoyl peroxide against acne. Thanks to Oy, I rarely use this gel now.

Customer Reviews

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Oy Face Wash Acne Prone skin

Mijn huid had last van hormonale schommelingen met acne als gevolg.
Na enkele weken gebruik is mijn huid veel rustiger en is de acne bijna helemaal weg. Ik ben dus heel tevreden en zal het opnieuw kopen.

Marianne Hoeven

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

Oy face wash acne prone skin

Beste product met snelste resultaten dat ik al geprobeerd heb. Al na enkele dagen 2maal per dag de face wash te gebruiken zie ik een duidelijke verbetering van mijn huid. Ik heb altijd al een zeer onrustige en onzuivere huid gehad en na 2 zwangerschappen was dat er niet op vooruit gegaan, met de face wash is mijn huid veel kalmer en ook zuiverder. Makkelijk aan te brengen, amper een minuutje laten inwerken en klaar, ik ben fan en wou dat ik het al jaren geleden ontdekt had!

Doet wat het zegt

Zo gemakkelijk te gebruiken. En effectief
minder onzuiverheden na een 2-tal weken te gebruiken.

Annelies Foré

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

Why Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin works

Oy Acne Prone Skin cleanser works on the 3 causes of pimples:

  1. regulate sebum production,
  2. remove blockage of keratinization,
  3. Eliminate overgrowth of acne bacteria.

Most anti-pimple facial cleansers are often the cause of pimples. Many products consist of water and foam that wash away the protective layer of fat on your skin. Damaged skin does not like water and even less foam. Your skin dries out and in response to an overproduction of sebum, it produces extra oil, which of course worsens the acne.

Unfortunately: what goes around, comes around. That can be done differently!

The best product for pimples is one that tackles the overgrowth of acne bacteria on your face. Back to the roots, so to speak.

By deeply cleansing, hydrating and nourishing your skin with natural products, your skin will enjoy healthy skin flora again.

Why Oy Face care?

You choose Oy Care for the unique compositions that are pharmaceutically substantiated.

The biggest asset of the Face wash is the water-free texture that matches very well with the fat layer of our skin, allowing the active substances to be absorbed 100%. A smart beautifier as far as Oy is concerned!

Product development by Oy pharmacist Inge Louf started with the fascination with the skin microbiome and healthy skin flora. Oy expertise is built up around this. Studies prove that in case of skin aging or a damaged skin barrier, a soap without water and foam provides very good care and the active ingredients are immediately absorbed. And these are precisely the strengths of Oy!

Inge applies the choice of innovative and technically strong ingredients in her own ingenious formulas. The result: beautiful lifestyle products that should be in everyone's bathroom.

“We consciously choose the combination of natural and high-quality raw materials together with sophisticated active ingredients. Nature meets high-tech, so to speak. "

Oy Care's skin care has long been highly valued for the following reasons:

  • Pharmaceutically substantiated and expertise in skin flora.
  • Multiple prize winner of, among others, De Bertjes (2018) and the Belgian Beauty Award (2019)
  • Promise West Flanders Markant-Unizo (2019)
  • Proven by clinical studies
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% concentrated: without water, without foam
  • Vegan & biodegradable
  • Made in Belgium

Do you have questions? We have answers

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What is a pimple?

A pimple is a normal inflammatory response to substances that cause acne bacteria. This is usually a hair follicle with a sebaceous gland that gets clogged with dirt and sebum. Result: there is a swelling with pus, or a red pimple.

What Causes Pimples?

There are three main causes:

  1. The overproduction of sebum or sebum. From puberty, hormonal disruption can cause an excess of sebum.
  2. Clogged pores by cleaning too little and not deep enough. The accumulation of dead skin cells and fatty acids causes a strong increase in, among other things, the Cutibacteria Acnes.
  3. An overgrowth of these acne bacteria results in irritation and inflammation

How do I prevent pimples?

"Help, I have pimples." The best product against pimples is simply to clean very well. Preferably twice a day and as deeply as possible. Why clean:

  1. Your skin has a lipid layer. Compare it to a kind of varnish that is over your skin. A protective layer of fat. It is absolutely not done for that layer to use a watery soap with foam. Such a product disrupts protection and causes an overproduction of sebum.
  2. By dry cleaning your skin and washing away dead skin cells, you prevent clogging of the pores and the overgrowth of acne bacteria.
  3. Restore your skin flora with a dose of antibacterial ingredients. These counteract the overgrowth of acne bacteria and make way for healthy, radiant skin.

For Oy, the daily beauty routine can be even shorter. The Oy Acne Prone Skin is a cleanser, toner, hydration and make-up remover in one jar.

Is Drying Out Pimples Good?

Certainly not the ideal solution. If you do, make sure you only dry out the pimple itself. Drying out the skin means that your skin barrier has to make even more oil to restore the lipid layer.

Does Exfoliating Help With Pimples?

No. A pimple is an inflammation and scrubbing hard can spread the inflammation under the skin. A weekly gentle scrub can help purify your skin and remove dead skin cells. Little to no dead skin cells equals less chance of acne

Can you get pimples from stress?

It is true that hormonal changes cause an overproduction of sebum and oilier skin. Stress at work or due to an exam period leads to more acne formation.

What Are Blackheads?

A blackhead is the precursor of a pimple and can be black or white. A blackhead turns black due to the influence of oxygen. The whiteheads are pores that don't get any oxygen at all due to clogging and where acne bacteria overgrowth gets the upper hand.

How do I remove blackheads?

You do this by removing the blockage and 'disinfecting' it. Deep cleaning is therefore the message. After all, dirt due to pollution, make-up and too greasy creams are the cause of blockage. Removing the blockage makes the acne bacteria less likely to overgrow.

Is the facial cleanser also suitable for removing make-up?

Definitely. Oy Face Wash perfectly removes make-up, including waterproof eye make-up. This anti-blemish face wash has been tested for eye irritation by ophthalmologists and approved as a make-up remover. Fun fact: the standard micellar water is mostly water with tiny oil droplets. We choose anhydrous formulas and do not dilute our fine, dry oils with water. Which works great to remove your makeup.

What is the pH value of the facial cleanser?

Oy has no pH value because she has no water in the formulas. This protects the natural, rather acidic pH of the skin. A watery soap with foam raises the pH value, after which a toner is needed to restore our acid mantle. The pH value indicates whether a product is acidic or basic (soapy). The acid mantle protects the skin against cold, heat, bacteria and the penetration of harmful substances.

How does your skin microbiome originate?

Our skin microbiome is the collaborative organism of millions of organisms that live on your skin. They work together via a very ingenious system in the different skin layers with their own function. That composition is partly genetically determined. Do you struggle with skin problems such as redness, pimples, eczema or dry skin? Then there is a chance that their cooperation is disrupted by overgrowth or by pathogenic microbiota.

How can you restore your skin microbiome?

Take care of your skin! A healthy skin flora with a lot of diversity is an absolute must for healthy skin. You can boost the balance of your ecosystem by being in nature, hugging family and friends, giving your dog a hug. A healthy mix of harmless microbes restores your skin barrier.

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