Scrub tegen zweetgeur

Scrub against sweat odor

"After a week your sneakers no longer smell"

Have you ever suffered from unpleasant sweat odors in sneakers? And when you open the shoe cupboard, do you smell unpleasant odors from all the sports shoes stored in it? A deodorant can be the solution, but it does nothing more than cover up unpleasant odors. 'Oy Deo Scrub' promises to do it differently: tackle the odor at the root cause to let your feet and sneakers go through life odor-free. We did the test. Getting rid of sweat odors, that is the mission of the Belgian care brand Oy. And they want to do that in a different way: with a scrub instead of a deodorant. The Oy Deo Scrub contains natural scrub particles that efficiently remove the dead skin cells between the toes and toenails, together with the bacteria that cause the sweat odor. It is not difficult: before washing your feet, massage the scrub gel into the dry skin of your feet, then let it work for one minute and then rinse the gel off. Although in practice it does require extra effort: applying the gel before you get into the shower turns out not to be such a good idea because it causes spots on the floor. It is easier to sit down and take the time to pamper your feet. We found that sitting on the edge of the bath, letting the product do its work, then rinsing and then taking a shower was the easiest solution. That does not indeed take much time, but during a busy morning rush hour it can sometimes be just a minute too much. Fortunately, the product does what it promises. After a week of massaging our feet every day in the morning with this scrub, we are convinced that we still have fresh feet after a day of walking around in sneakers and that the shoes themselves are also odor-free. We find the scent of the scrub pleasant: a mix of eucalyptus, rosemary and other herbs gives us the idea of ​​being in a spa. A nice side effect is that the skin of the feet feels soft after a week. On hot days it doesn't feel like an extra effort to perform this ritual, but it does take some repetition to make it a habit.

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