Get to work with OY

OY is not a shower soap, read the instructions carefully for a wonderfully fresh result!



OY does not belong in the shower!

It would be a shame to wash away OY - without any action - when used in the shower , because water instantly changes the gel into milk and washes off very easily.


Three simple steps to achieve the best result:

  1. Massage OY well into dry skin and only on problem areas before washing..

  2. Leave the product to allow it to work for 1 minute . OY sticks to the skin, which ensures a deep cleansing..

  3. Rinse the gel off after 1 minute. The film changes, through the contact with water, into a nourishing milk that perfectly cares for your skin. No film is left behind.

    The effect is assured if you apply OY to your dry skin and let it act for at least 1 minute, in the meantime you can continue to finish your morning ritual.

During that minute you can:

  • brush your teeth

  • prepare your outfit

  • shave

  • open the bedroom window and shake out the duvet

Our test subjects take a minute to:

1 minute is sufficient for a fresh body odour


Repeat the'OY ritual' daily for optimum results. 

Give OY one minute every day to provide a fresh body odour.

From the 8th day of consistent use all sweat odours disappear and you can reduce the use of a deodorant and if you like you can even completely stop using it
Still attached to the scent of your deodorant? Then use your deodorant on a stressful working day like you use a fresh mint after lunch.

Busy morning programme with the kids?

No problem, you can also use OY in the evening because it remains active for at least 24 hours.
If you suffer more from smelly armpits on busy days, you can use OY in the morning and in the evening.

Less laundry, and get rid of smelly armpits!

Thanks to your new OY morning ritual and a pleasant body odour, your clothes will stay fresh longer. This also means: less laundry and no annoying marks or yellowing of your white T-shirts!

Economical to use.

With OY you don't have to wash from head to toes with soap every day. OY only focuses on the places where unwanted odours have to be fought. Besides, the less product you need, the better for the environment and your wallet.

man with fresh body odour on mobile phone