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Oy Deo Scrub 200 ml

For feet and unshaved armpits.



Oy Deo Wash 200ml

For shaven armpits and skinfolds.


The bathroom sink is the place to shine for OY, next to your toothpaste: it guarantees the use of your OY soap as a part of your morning ritual.
Apply OY to your dry skin, leave the Deo Wash or Scrub on your dry skin for one minute to allow the product to work, have a shower and you will enjoy unprecedented freshness all day long.

Do you feel restricted by that annoying odour of sweat?

With OY Deo Wash and Scrub, this problem is solved forever, and you can live your life confidently again.

  • Handy 2-in-1 formula: a deep cleansing soap with deo effect that definitively addresses the cause of odour of sweat.
  • The skin is cleansed and hydrated.  
  • The PH-level of the skin is not affected. 
  • Allows natural sweating.
  • Is applied locally to problem areas: armpits, feet and skin folds.


OY contains a scientific formula that completely neutralises the activity of the microorganisms that cause bad odours. 

Why does sweat smell?

Sweat itself does not smell and is actually useful for cleaning your poresën (just think of the beneficial effects of sweat in the sauna). That is why OY focuses on combating odours. The microorganisms ( Corynebacteria, Staphylococci, Propionibacteria, ...) occur in skin folds and increase under the influence of external factors (such as stress) that cause an "odour of sweat". In fact, it would be better to speak about a "bacterial odour"rather than of an "odour of sweat".

Lasting result: sweat, don’t smell

Use OY every morning as armpit odour treatment and that annoying odour of sweat will disappear for at least 24 hours. Apply it dry skin just before you shower and after rinsing you can live your fresh and carefree life again. On top of that, get rid of armpit stains and keep your clothes crisp and clean all day. 
As you keep a fresh breath with your favourite toothpaste, OY takes care of a fresh and hydrated skin that can breathe every day. Moreover you can enjoy fresh armpits and feet.

No side effects

OY is safe for people with sensitive skin.
It contains no parabens or preservatives and is fully biodegradable, including the scrub particles (Hydrated Silica).

Scientifically supported effect.

The unique OY operation is founded on 3 pillars:
  1. OY focuses on the places where  bacteria and fungi cause bad odours. In addition, our active substances act on the bacterial wall and not on the DNA of the bacterium, so no resistance is built up.  OY remains effective even with long-term use.
  2. Our vegetable oil ensures adherence to the skin, cleanses the pores and nourishes the skin deeply.
  3. Our moisturising component intensely hydrates the skin. Our clinical tests show that the skin is still fully hydrated 8 hours after using the soap.