Inge has been fascinated by the scientific side of her job all her life. Specifically by the formulas behind each product.
Listening attentively to the people in her environment, their needs and wishes, and finding the best possible answer to that: that's what Inge wants to do.

A healthy quantity of guts, innate optimism and an unstoppable drive brought her to the end product OY.
Inge stands for an authentic story with an honest product that really works.

OY    (Norwegian for island)

“Bring me freshness so that I can be the real me. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.” 
She is also a true family woman, with a big heart for her family. And it was precisely in her family that Inge found the inspiration for OY. The badly smelling trainers of her sporty sons (meanwhile big guys), the acidic smelling sweat in the adolescent years and her own blouses that no longer stayed fresh in stress situations… gave her the drive to find a solution.

She already had the support of her husband Paul and sons, but she also found a listening ear at VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), which enthusiastically supported her project.
oprichters van OY
labo testen en tabel van Mendeljev voor zeep die zorgt voor frisse lichaamsgeur en met laboschort

Driven by her passion for science, she started to work, looking for a solution.
She began to study the subject, looking for scientists who were experts in sweating and odour development,
and started experimenting in her own mini lab.
4  years and 271 attempts later, she found the perfect formula that eliminates sweat odour.
A formula that repels sweat odours, without compromising the natural process of sweating. Ecologically responsible and safe for the user.
A subtle mix that results in a product with scientific effectiveness that works and that is incredibly nice to use.

Motivated by the incredible results at her test audience at home, Inge set herself the goal of sharing this unique treatment and its benefits with anyone in need. This resulted in the launch of OY in June 2018.
Inge found inspiration in the indomitable strength and freshness of the sea and wanted the name to reflect the purity of the product, the freedom, the freshness.

OY is Norwegian for island, and it is the perfect embodiment of those values.      

With OY, however stressful your day may be, there will be one thing less to worry about.
You will smell wonderfully fresh, always and everywhere.