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You will notice the disappearance of odor, just like that.


Discourage odour 

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Wat zet je voor haar onder de kerstboom?


Zowel jouw als haar nieuwe musthave

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oy als alternatieve deo


Ik koop Belgische beauty
In Nieuwsblad Magazine

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Kennen jullie het merk @oycare al?


Fris ondanks warme winterkleding
Persbericht ByVosje

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A conscious lifestyle must have


OY bij de 8 favorieten van:

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Geen parabenen of bewaarstoffen


Veilig om te gebruiken voor alle leeftijden!
The Pastel Suitcase

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SOS Hittegolf!


OY onmisbaar volgens de Flair. 
Bekijk het hier

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1. Advantages of a formula without water:

OY is a highly concentrated, antibacterial soap and contains no water, in contrast to most shower soaps which contain 60 to 70% of water as a raw material. That is a lot of water! And above all, this is not ecological when during production and transportation from "A to B", 70% of water is transported in plastic bottles. Furthermore, water adds very little value compared with other active ingredients, and in addition the amount of water is also important when pricing the soap. A lot of water in the formula means that this soap has much more sensitivity to bacterial contamination and growth of microorganisms, so that more preservatives are added. This means that it is better to get water from the tap and not as a part of soap against sweat odour.

2. An aqueous environment always has a certain pH value  

Depending on the ingredients in the water-containing formula, there is a certain pH value that influences the acidity of the skin. Ideally, the pH for the skin is around 5 - 5.5, which is rather an acidic environment. Sometimes a neutral pH is promoted but this is actually too high for use on our skin. Each formula with water therefore contains an additional chemical to adjust the pH for the skin: either a base such as Sodium hydroxide, or an acid like lactic acid. These chemicals are only added to adjust the pH value and have no additional effect.
It is of course ideal to work anhydrously as with the deodorizing soap by OY. This results in no pH dependence and the acidity of the skin is not affected.

3. Advantages of a formula without foam:

Foam is experienced as pleasant because it gives an airy feeling and the fragrance of the perfume is released more easily. This is experienced as an advantage in the shower. However, foam has a drying effect on the skin and breaks down the protective oil layer on the skin, which can lead to irritation. The antibacterial soap by OY does not foam and ensures a fresh feeling without skin irritations.

4. Advantages of a concentrated formula:

Ecology at its best!!: an antibacterial soap in which every component is only added for its active effect. By omitting water there is more "space" for active ingredients and you need less end product during use. The place of water and foam is occupied by the nourishing oil and the super hydrating vegetable glycerine. So in contrast to the "normal" shower soap, OY is a soap against sweat odour that has a very nourishing and moisturising effect instead of drying out the skin.

5. Stop the water while using OY:

It is nice to stand under running water, but now that we are confronted with periods of water restriction, a "long flowing" shower suddenly feels non-environmentally friendly and rather a waste of water. We feel at our best when we help to reduce water consumption to some extent. Since OY antibacterial soap just needs to be applied to dry skin, you can postpone the use of water for another minute and limit it further. After all, the soap against sweat odours can also be washed away with a washcloth. Through contact with water, the gel becomes a nourishing milk that rinses very easily - with little water.

6. Less laundry and detergent.

Every time we run our washing machine, we also burden the environment not only because of the high water consumption but also because of the use of detergents. Thanks to OY antibacterial soap, our clothing stays fresh for a longer time. You can walk around in the same T shirt all week. Thanks to our soap against sweat odour, smelly odours around the armpits, circles after sweating and yellowing on white T shirts or shirts are a thing of the past. After working out, your sports shirt may still be soaked, but after drying, no 'exercise' odour lingers so it can be used again.

7. Stop foaming your body from head to toe

It is not necessary to wash from head to toe with soap every morning. It is sufficient to only refresh the areas where necessary and this is best done with an antibacterial soap. The moist, warm spots on our body provide a breeding ground for the odour-causing bacteria. If these bacteria are present to a large extent, an unpleasant sweat odour is quickly formed that is easily removed with OY soap against sweat odour. In the event of stress or hormonal changes, the odour-causing bacteria start to overgrow, which can cause even more sweat odour and disturb the skin flora. OY eliminates this overgrowth.

8. Biodegradable

When looking for the active ingredients for OY soap against sweat odour, we mainly took into account the biodegradability. Many active substances in the world are completely safe for humans, but they can be harmful to the environment such as, for example, Triclosan, which has toxic effects on aquatic organisms and is increasingly being avoided in cosmetics. Our active ingredients in the OY antibacterial soap are of course very safe and chosen with the greatest care. After all, there is a safety file for each product and the final product is checked by a toxicologist before a cosmetic product is launched on the market.

9. Vegetable Helianthus Oil:

We consciously choose not to use exotic oils in our antibacterial soap that are added to a formula in miniscule amounts for commercial reasons. The ecological footprint of these oils is large, just think of Jojoba oil from Mexico and South America and now also from Egypt and the Macadamia oil comes from Australia . Although this oil has good anti-inflammatory properties when used in the right (high) concentration, it leads to high ecological footprint ... We at OY opt for the very nourishing sunflower oil which is sourced close to home.

10. OY scrub particles are sand

The choice of scrub particles is huge. From natural raw materials (crushed kernels of olives, apricots, etc.) to the least natural form such as plastic pellets, which is totally unacceptable today. In addition, many "natural" products contain impurities that can lead to allergic reactions. That is not the case with the OY antibacterial soap and scrub. Our choice for OY scrub is the biodegradable Hydrated Silica, very fine sand.

11. An antibacterial soap not tested on animals

Although claims may no longer be made under the heading of "free of ...", animal-free testing remains a very important evolution in cosmetics. Testing on animals is virtually no longer possible. "Free of" provokes the reaction as if, for example, parabens are harmful, which they are not. Because the statement "free of" gives a negative connotation to the component in question, the legislator requests that this is no longer stated in this way.

12. We love our planet and we love you! Bottled confidence

We gain the greatest satisfaction from the extremely positive reactions of our OY fans who cycle through the day confidently thanks to our soap against sweat odour!  
You are confident and you feel better about yourself. No annoying odours among colleagues or in the classroom, after exercise or during stress.
Thanks to our antibacterial soap, the use of a deodorant is no longer necessary and your favourite perfume ensures a delicious scent!
You will boost your self-confidence!  

We want everyone to get through the day confidently thanks to OY.


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Why is sweating so important?

  Oy     17-07-2019  

 Why is sweating so important?

We all sweat. Some of us a little more than others, but we don't really like it. However, sweating is very important for our body. It is a natural process that ensures that our body does not overheat.

It's all in the glands.

Sweat glands occur all over the skin but you will find most on the hands, feet and armpits. We apparently have between 2 and 4 million sweat glands that secrete up to 800 ml of sweat every day. And even up to 7 litres in the event of great effort and heat.

There are two types of sweat glands:

  • You can find exocrine sweat glands all over the body and they mainly regulate the temperature of our body. As soon as it gets warm, or our body heats up, for example through exercise or a fever, the sweat glands ensure that our body gets wet and so cools down easier and faster.
  • You can find exocrine sweat glands are partly responsible for the feared sweat odour due to the presence of microbiota on the skin. These glands can only be found in the armpits, around the anus and the nipples. These usually occur in the hair follicles and they largely spread sweat through the hair. The apocrine sweat glands develop during puberty. Once you start sweating through these glands, bacteria convert the moisture into substances that cause the typical sweat odour.


Sweating is more than just cooling off!

Sweat consists mainly of water and salt, but it also contains the substances orthocresol and paracresol that have an antiseptic effect.
So sweating is necessary:

  • Through sweating, waste is emitted so that your immune system continues to function optimally.
  • It kills bacteria and viruses.
  • Sweat cleanses the pores so that you get fewer black spots and formation of acne.
  • It keeps the skin supple and soft.
2 girls with surfboard in hand and view out over the sea

What causes sweating?

On the one hand we start to sweat to regulate our body temperature (during warm weather, fever, exercise), but also when we are anxious or angry, when we feel humiliated or excited. Sweat itself does not smell. The culprits are the microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi on the skin that convert sweat into a bad odour. The composition of microbiotics on the skin is different and genetically determined for everyone.

a fresh start every day quote

OY allows you to sweat, but the odours disappear

OY Deo Wash and OY Deo Scrub are two revolutionary care products that address the cause of unpleasant sweat odours. The unique blend of active ingredients in OY completely neutralises the activity of the odour-causing microorganisms. In addition, the skin flora is optimised without affecting the natural acidity. Your body functions optimally, but without those unpleasant odours. You feel healthy and fresh, and you can take on the world!


Would you like to find out more about OY? Read all about it here

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Talkies - The gay issue


Must have! 
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Essential voor in de festivaltent


oy in MetroVrolijke voeten!
Lees het in Metro

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Way of life

  Oy     01-06-2019  

Way of life

Sweating, not smelling

Many products inhibit sweating and that is simply not healthy. The sweating ensures that the body temperature remains constant. That is why OY focuses on the odor control because sweat itself is odorless. It is the micro-organisms in these warm, humid places that cause the smell.

Permanent results

Use OY every morning and those unpleasant odors disappear for at least 24 hours. Apply it just before you shower on dry skin and after rinsing you can be fresh and carefree again. And even more, no sweat stains and your clothes stay fresh for longer!

No side effects

OY is safe for people with sensitive skin, for pregnant women and children.
It does not contain parabens or preservatives and is completely bio-degradable.


Good for nature and yourself 

You may but you do not have to wash yourself from head to toe with a soap. A regular shower soap usually contains up to 70% water and a lot of foaming agent which results in dry skin. OY contains only skin care oil and the super moisturizing glycerin. You have never been able to pamper yourself with a soap that is so nourishing and powerful at the same time. By the way, the less product you need, the better for nature and your wallet!

Scientific effectiveness

The unique formula is the result of years of research in collaboration with several prominent scientists in the field.

We resolutely opted for an anhydrous basis. Our revolutionary formula with nourishing oil, hydrates and strengthens the skin. Each component is active and has been chosen with the greatest care for an optimal result.

On the one hand, the oil ensures the adhesion to the skin so that the soap can act for 1 minute and at the same time the glycerin ensures the moisture regulation of the skin. Thanks to this unique blend of ingredients you immediately get a pleasant feeling when drying. The skin feels soft and gives a dry feeling.  Discover here our patented formula

Order your Deo Wash or Scrub now.

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Scrub against body odour


oy in HLNNa een week ruiken je sneakers niet meer!
Lees het in HLN

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We love our planet


We love our planet

OY, the story

Pharmacist Inge Louf has two passions in life: science and her customers. She especially wants to listen to them, she wants to know what is going on in them and what they really need. And she wants to offer her customers medication and products that also do what they promise: making their lives better.

Inge often suffered from sweat odors during stressful situations. AnnOYing if you have to interact with customers. That is why she started looking for a product that, on the one hand, made the scent disappear, but on the other hand also ensured that the natural sweat process was not slowed down or stopped. To her great surprise there was no product on the market that met her wishes.

The aha-moment

Driven by her passion for scientific formulas, she started reseaching the issue herself.
She began to study the subject, visited scientists who were experts in sweating and odor development, and began experimenting in her own mini-lab. 4 years later and 271 attempts, she has found the perfect formula. A formula that prevents sweat odors, and ensures that you keep on sweating. Ecologically responsible and safe for the user.

She already had the support of her family, but she also found an edge with VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) that fully understood her project. Meanwhile, her two sons were also involved in the OY story. Together with them they commercialized OY and it was launched in April of 2018.

OY, the island

Finding the ideal formula is one thing, but also finding a name for it is something else. Inge wanted the name to reflect the purity of the product, the freedom, the freshness. OY is Norwegian for island, and it is the perfect embodiment of those values.

Want to read more about the products themselves? To OY!

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Belgian Beauty Award 2019!


oy in best made in BelgiumBeste Made in Belgium
Feeling & Weekend

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Ambitieuze vrouwen veroveren het ondernemerschap!


oy in zoOndernemen in de kijker
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De beste beautyproducten!


OY hoort er bij, 
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Ik smeer Belgisch


oy in knackEn lief voor het milieu!
Knack Weekend Update

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Belofte van West-Vlaanderen!


Inge Louf van OYEn kandidaat voor Vlaanderen.
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Ik ga op skireis en neem mee:


oy in belmodoNiet te vergeten voor vertrek!
Belmodo artikel

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Steun OY, en stem!


oy in made by west-vlaanderenKandidate Inge Louf voor belofte womed Aaward
Made in West-Vlaanderen

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Krant van West-Vlaanderen


Oy in Krant van West-VlaanderenZweten mag, slecht geuren niet

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Ook in Luxemburg kennen ze OY!


Für ein leben ohne deodorant
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OY in Pharma-Sphere


oy in pharma sphereUn nouveau rituel matinal
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Trends magazine: apotheker wordt ondernemer!


oy in trends magazineStarter in de gezondheidssector.
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Silkeblogs: kleren langer fris!


oy in silkesblog"Na acht dagen merkte ik inderdaad dat mijn zweet geen geur meer had"
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Francisca Bosmans: intriguing launch!


oy door franciskabosmansOne of the most intriguing beauty launches of 2018 for me. 
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Déo nature! OY in Elle (FR)


oy in elleVeilig en zonder irritaties of allergiën!
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OY, le déo lavant


oy in plus magazinePlus Magazine (fr) is positief!
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De mooiste van het land in flair!


oy in flairOY schittert opnieuw in Flair
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oy op Cocktail & heelsOok te zien op de blog Cocktail & Heels, 26 yr old writing about fashion and fun!
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#nieuw in Flair (FR)


oy in flairOok Flair is enthousiast over OY! #nieuw

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"Le Néo Deo" in Le Vif


oy in le vifOok in Franstalig België hebben ze onze producten ontdekt! "Le Néo Deo" komt aan bod in de rubriek "La Semaine De Weekend". 

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"Innovatief en Belgisch" in Steps


oy in steps24 uur lang okselfris met OY.

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sjiek in Het Belang Van Limburg


oy in het belang van limburgJasmijn Verluiden, marketing manager van juwelenmerk Wouters & Hendrix, deelt haar beste ontdekkingen op de Belgische markt in de rubriek "sjiek" van Het Belang Van Limburg. #ikkoopbelgisch!

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In de kijker bij "Made in West-Vlaanderen"


oy in Made in West-VlaanderenMadeinwest-vlaanderen.be sprak met Inge en schreef een leuk artikel over OY. No sweat and still glory!

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VLAIO Businesscase


oy in VlaioDe VLAIO bedrijfsadviseurs ondersteunen en adviseren ondernemers om hun innovatieve plannen, groeiambities of bedrijfstransformatie waar te maken. Ook Inge deed hier beroep op: "Zowel via VOKA, waar ik heel wat labs gevolgd heb,
als via VLAIO heb ik mijn experten-netwerk kunnen uitbouwen. Van onderzoek over productie tot en met de marketing word ik geruggesteund door specialisten die in mijn product geloven. Ik heb een raad van advies uitgebouwd waarmee ik maandelijks overleg pleeg. Ze challengen me en volgen de vooruitgang op.”

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