Inge has been fascinated by the scientific side of her job her entire life, and specifically, the formulas behind every product.  
By listening carefully to the people in her surroundings, their needs and concerns, she’s always trying to find solutions. 
Thanks to a lot of courage, optimism and her unstoppable drive she created the final product OY.
Inge represents an original story with an honest product that really works!

You can say she is a real family woman with a big heart for her household. And that is where Inge found her inspiration for OY. The smelly sneakers of her sons, the sweat odors of the teenage years and her own blouses that weren’t fresh anymore after stressful situations… gave her the drive to search for a solution.

She already had the backing of her husband Paul and her sons, but she also found support with VLAIO (the Flemish agency for innovation and businesses) - they supported her project with a lot of enthusiasm.

Driven by her passion for science, she went out looking for a solution. She began studying the subject, looking for scientists who were experts in the field of sweating and odor development, and began experimenting in her own mini laboratory. It took 4 years and 271 attempts before she found the perfect formula. Talk about dedication…
A formula that averts sweat odors without interrupting the natural process of sweating. The product is eco-friendly and is safe for the consumer.
A subtle mix that results in a product that works with scientific effectiveness and that’s incredibly pleasant to use.  

Motivated by the incredible results with her test audience at home, Inge decided to share this unique treatment with all its benefits to everybody in need. That’s how OY was launched in May 2018.

Inge found inspiration in the untameable force and freshness of the sea and she wanted that the name of the product would represent the same freedom, pureness and freshness.

OY is Norwegian for island and is the perfect embodiment of these values.    

Your day can be as stressful as it can get, with OY it is just one less thing to worry about. 
You will be smell free and have a nice refreshing feeling, always and anywhere. 

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