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Oy Deo Scrub 100 ml
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100 ml for 2 to 3 months €34,40 - 200 ml for 4 to 6 months
  •   Free from sweat odour
  •   24/7 fresh, always and everywhere
  •   Clinical based by Pharmacist  
  •   OY is available at the advising pharmacist in your area or you can order it online here.
Triple action:
  • 1. Eliminates the odour of sweat
  • 2. Deep cleaning
  • 3. Hydrates and nourishes the skin

How to use


A totally new and unique morning ritual with our soap 2.0

OY very efficiently prevents the growth and multiplication of odour-causing bacteria on the skin. Repeat your daily "OY ritual" . It is the first soap that you apply on dry skin and therefore is not used under the shower. Put your Oy tube next to your toothpaste, so you won't forget it.


The beneficial effect of the nourishing gel together with the deodorising effect of the scrub ensure soft & odourless feet. By scrubbing away dead skin cells, the active substances can work more deeply. The flakiness and chapping between the toes are tackled so you will have a smooth, soft and pure skin.


The scrub rubs the bacteria off the hairs on the hairy armpits as well so that all sweat odours disappear from the 8th day onwards. Just like a fresh mint during the day for a fresh breath, your deodorant will support you during a stressful working day.
Those who suffer more from sweaty odour on busy days can use Oy several times a day.

Oy, that's “bottled confidence” for a reason. 

Local use

We do what a soap & deodorant should do!

It is not necessary to soap from head to toe every day, but deodorise the places where necessary. Showergels usually consist of about 80% water and foam. Oy contains no water, for us the water is only for the tap. After all, you use Oy on dry skin and only water is needed during rinsing. That is how you can save up to 60% water while showering!

Oy deo scrub for unshaven armpits and feet. 
The natural scrub particles (biodegradable) provide a stronger effect on the feet and under hairy armpits:

  • Scrub removes the dead skin cells between the toes - fungus doesn't stand a chance
  • Scrub removes the bacteria that stick on the armpit hairs

Oy acts as soap and deodorant at the same time and is applied topically. Done with annoying and unsavoury odour of sweat. The result is a pure and clean skin which is much more natural than what "leave-on" sprays and rollers do.


The power of OY: sweat but don't smell.

There is nothing wrong with sweating. It is the sweaty smell that bothers us and we have the perfect solution for that!

Oy removes the cause of sweat odour and does not masking the smell as a deo spray does. We remove the overgrowth of odour-causing bacteria. The skin balance is restored and the smell of sweat does not stand a chance. Clothes remain fresh after drying without rings or getting stained.
Oy deo scrub ensures odourless and soft feet so that a fungal infection gets stopped. For those who work in closed shoes for a long time (eg healthcare staff, catering, industry ...) the care OY deo Scrub provides, is indispensable.

Sweating becomes odourless: Feel fresh and safe!

We love our planet

  Stop water - apply Oy to dry skin first
  Less water consumption - shorter shower time
  Vegan & biodegradable
  Respects skin flora
  Less laundry
  Less soap consumption - only where necessary
  Nourishing European sunflower oil
  Clothes remain free from stains and odour for longer
  Contains no water and no foam, only 100% active substances
  Natural perfumes

The power of active ingredients


Ingredients :  Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Propylene Glycol, Sucrose Palmitate, Hydrated Silica, Sucrose Stearate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Parfum, Octenidine HCl, Tocopherol, Sodium Surfactin, D-Limonene, Linalool.

Hydrated Silica

- natural particles for scrubbing from sand
- extra fine structure for a very soft for the skin - also for shaved armpits
- ensures the removal of dead skin cells, so our active ingredients can work better.
- provides soft and smooth skin, eg between the toes
- scrubbing removes the bacteria that adhere to the underarm hairs.

Vegetable glycerine

- is called the best natural skin moisturiser
- obtained from vegetable oils
- large capacity to bind water
- absorbs and retains water and thus prevents loss of moisture from the skin

Heliantus Oil (sunflower oil)

- Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals
- soothing effect reduces signs of stressed skin and irritation.
- anti-inflammatory and perfect for sensitive skin
- restorative and protective for damaged skin
- in soap form it removes impurities from pores
- cultivated in Europe, transport weighs less ecologically than exotic oils & -Tocopherol
- the most active component of Vitamin E
- acts as an antioxidant by protecting the skin
- against the action of free radicals, eg through the action of UV light.
- Vit E has soothing properties and ensures a firm skin.

Blend of deodorising active ingredients

- multifunctional molecules improve the skin feeling
- softening and moisturising properties.
- highly effective deodorising action with anti-inflammatory properties

Propylene glycol (pharmaceutical grade)

- has the wonderful property of attracting and retaining moisture.
- is used as a means to dissolve active substances
- as it is a small molecule, it absorbs better into the skin

Sucrose palmitate

- sucrose esters are formed from sucrose and vegetable fatty acids
- unique high quality range of natural and non-ionic emulsifiers
- very mild on the skin and for the eyes.


- our natural perfume with raw materials from essential oils creates a complex fragrance profile
- for a nice fragrance evolution from top notes that provide freshness, then middle notes to finish with base notes such as woody notes and musk.
- This makes the immense difference with synthetic fragrances that often only have a single note and that are used in deodorants to mask the smell of sweat.



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Monique - 05-08-2022 14:55

Een heerlijke scrub voor de oksels. Het voelt daarna weer lekker zacht en fris.

Kristien - 06-06-2022 11:56

Het werkt !

Kristien - 06-06-2022 11:54

Het werkt ! Heel eenvoudig en praktisch in gebruik, ik sta nu minder lang onder de douche want afspoelen gaat snel. Dus de hoge prijs van het product wordt enigzins gecompenseerd door waterbesparing. Ook minder was omdat er minder snel geurtjes in de kleding ontstaan.

Luus - 11-09-2021 06:45

De deo nu 3 maanden uitgeprobeerd en we zijn fan hier in huis! Op vrijwel de meeste dagen bleven we goed ruiken. Alleen met 27 graden en hoger met wat meer inspanning rook ik wat aan het einde van een werkdag. Het geeft een heel fris en schoon gevoel en aan de gebruikswijze waren we snel gewend. We bestelden eerst twee kleine versies en gaan nu voor de grote. Een product dat we gaan blijven gebruiken!

Lut Dewulf, Vita pedicure - 09-07-2021 16:14

Je mag het een wondermiddel noemen voor atleetvoeten en voetverzorging in het algemeen!

Martine - 06-05-2021 20:33

Net zoals de deo wash een TOP product die volledig aan de verwachting voldoet.
Zuinig in gebruik
Aangename geur, zelfs na intense werkdag met gesloten schoeisel.
Na 1 week gebruik was ik volledig overtuigd van de werking, een aanrader!

Tatjana - 29-12-2020 08:32

Heerlijk geur, structuur van scrub is heel zacht. Laat geen vettig gevoel achter op je vingers. Ben enorm verbaasd hoe goed dat dit product is. Resultaat is verbluffend. Top product.

Lie - 14-12-2020 10:11

Heel recente aankoop en dus volop testfase....
De eerste dagen sceptisch, maar product doet echt wat het beloofd.

Leen - 21-09-2020 20:46

Super tevreden, weg geurtjes en zachte voetjes bovenop! TOP!

Lien - 29-06-2020 15:34

Ik had het geluk een pakketje te winnen met uw producten via een wedstrijd van Goed Gevoel. Ik wou u toch even contacteren om u proficiat te wensen hiermee. Ik ben deze producten nu een kleine week aan het testen en ik ben hier zo tevreden mee! Ook het feit dat de ontwikkeling farmaceutisch onderbouwd is, geeft me vertrouwen in uw producten. Wees er maar zeker van dat ik hier volop reclame voor aan het maken ben

Evi - 15-06-2020 21:08

Doet zeker wat het moet doen! Weg vieze geurtjes!

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