Oy Care
‘A Belgian brand with such an innovative product. We can be proud of his ’dixit Belgian Beauty Award 2019. How it all started? From pharmacist to entrepreneur. All her life, Inge has been fascinated by the scientific aspect of her job. More specifically by studying the formulas behind each product and especially the specific effect of each ingredient. Listening attentively to the people around her, their needs and aspirations and finding the best possible answer: that is what Inge is all about.


About Inge
She is also a real family woman, with a big heart for her family. And it was precisely in her family that Inge found the inspiration for OY. She started developing Deo Care products because she was looking for a solution for the stale T-shirts of her sporty adolescent sons (meanwhile good guys). Her own blouses that ended up in the laundry basket after stressful days… gave her the drive to find a well-functioning solution. Inge was also looking for the perfect ingredients for Hand Care to create products with great added value. She already had the motivation of her husband Paul and sons, but she also found resonance with VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), which supported her project with great enthusiasm.

Oy (Norwegian for island)

"Bring me freshness so that I can be the real me. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.

How do you start such a project?
Driven by her passion for science, she started looking for solutions herself. And above all, she is always searching for completely new concepts where innovation is a must.
She started studying the subject of skin care and visited scientists who were experts in the field of materials, sweat odour, skin repair… and then set to work in her own lab. 4 years later and 271 attempts later, she found the perfect formula that eliminates smelly sweat. A subtle mix that results in a product with scientific effectiveness that works and that is incredibly pleasant to use.
Creativity is in the blood of the whole family where new ideas are continuously developed. Because hand hygiene is so important, very innovative products were also developed here. Dermatocosmetics that really work and are unique because of their 'triple action'.

Motivated by the incredible results of her testing audience, Inge set out to develop unique treatments and share their benefits with anyone who needs them.
Inge found inspiration in the untameable power and freshness of the sea and wanted the name to reflect the purity of the products, the freedom, the freshness.

Oy is Norwegian for island, and it is the perfect embodiment of those values.
With Oy you get honest and innovative products that remove small daily inconveniences so you don't have to worry anymore.

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